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One Cake, One Story


One Cake, One Story

The Importance of details

Everyone who has ordered from me knows how much I value the details on a cake.

Big or small, they are all important in the final product. They all bring a little bit of character whether it is a pattern, a colour, or a texture. They may seem insignificant on their own but when they are part of the bigger picture, they really define a cake and takes it to the next level. 

Above this text, you can see a close up photo of a topper used on a little girl's cake. This topper alone took  3 different size round cutters, 3 shades of dust colouring, 1 edible paint, hand modeled leaves and number.

Sure, I could have just cut out a number 2 and put it on a skewer but  this is not the level of details I want to achieve with my cakes.

This topper, along with all the other decorations on the cake, was part of the story being told. Was the overall look of the cake better because of the attention given to the topper? Yes I believe it was. The topper matched the theme and colour palette. 

Details are so important and yes they do take some time and creativity. But they are so worth it! I am lucky enough to be in an industry constantly changing, where imagination is everything. 

Whether it is with a new technique or a simple tool, the options are endless. 

I love my details, they are definitely part of my standard and I do not intend to change this any time soon !

Aurelie x